MTA CSFK Geodéziai és Geofizikai Intézet

Description of the Observatory

The observatory is situated about 10 km to E of the city Sopron and 60 km SE of Vienna, on the southern shore of lake Fert˝o. The observatory lies on thick conductive sediment preserving the site from far industrial noise and it is surrounded by the Fertő-Hanság National Park which helps to shelter the long term measurements from any change caused by nearby manmade activity.

3-character IAGA code: NCK

Geographic co-ordinates:

ϕ = 47◦38' (N)

λ = 16◦43' (E)

Altitude = 153.70 m (magnetic house)

McIllwain L = 1.9


Observatory side diagram

E – Entrance, 1 – Main building with staff hostel and electronic laboratory, 2 – Telluric instruments and office, 3 – Atmospheric electricity centre (laboratory of Schumann resonance, potential gradient, point discharge and radiovawe absorption measurements), 4 – Magnetic absolute house with four pillars, 5 – Underground magnetic variometer chambers, 6 – Proton magnetometer (DI/DD) hut, 7 – Computer centre ( data loggers, server of local network, satellite transmitter) 8 – Ionosonde station, electric and mechanical workshop, 9 – Ionosonde D-antenna, 10 – Meteorological station, 11 – ELF induction coil chamber, 12 Ball antenna (Schumann resonance antenna), 13 – Potential gradient sensors

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