Past projects

Improving the greenhouse gas budget estimation for Hungary using tall tower observations

Funder: NKFIH

Duration: 2018-2020

Determination of the atmospheric budget of greenhouse gases and clarification of the contributing processes are essential for forecasting the future climate. Due to the obligations arising from the international conventions, the precise determination of the national greenhouse gas budgets, verified by measurements, becomes increasingly important as well. The aim of the planned project is to study the changes in the regional atmospheric greenhouse gas budgets and their assumable causes using the tall tower measuring infrastructure of extended spatial representativeness (Hegyhátsál, Vas County), which was constructed partly using a former OTKA support. Improved footprint estimation will determine the area represented by the measurements, for which the greenhouse gas emissions will be calculated. Besides maintaining the measurements, the methodological developments planned will improve the quality control of the measurement data and thus the reliability of the results derived. We compile a process-oriented biogeochemical model based on the measurement data that is capable of simulating the biosphere-atmosphere greenhouse gas exchange of the typical ecological systems surrounding the tall tower monitoring site (mostly agricultural areas). It will allow us to study the impact of climate change, and that of other environmental factors, on the biosphere-atmosphere greenhouse gas exchange.